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©2009 by Flavio Crivellaro
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Sharm el Sheikh air temperature
Sharm el Sheikh has a desert climate, very arid with very little rainfall. Temperature ranges between day and night are quite dramatic for the desert in the uninhabited areas and away from the sea. The coldest months are December, January and February when it is occasionally cloudy, whereas the hottest months are July and August.

There is a variation in water temperature throughout the year ranging from a minimum of 20 degrees in February to a maximum of 30 degrees in September.

Winds and clouds

The prevailing wind comes from the Golf of Suez, mainly from  west, north-west. In the area of the Golf of Aqaba and Sharm el Sheikh, the wind blows almost continuously from north, north-east (30°north).

Clouds can occur in autumn and spring and very occasionally brief showers in the winter when clouds are more frequent. However, also in the winter the number of hours of sunshine is much higher than the number of hours with clouds.

At the end of the winter sand storms might occur during the 'Khamsen' (from Arabic: 'fifty'), an inconsistent, alternating wind that can blow for 50 days, sometimes up to 50 knots, luckily this mainly concerns the open sea and the Gulf of Suez. It only affects the coast for two to three days when it turns to undesired directions and blocks the boats in the harbour.

Water temperature and exposure suit

Sharm el Sheikh water temperature
With the water temperature never exceeding 30 degrees, we are fortunate that the Red Sea has never suffered from coral bleaching and in fact it is the coldest of all tropical seas.

During the winter, the water temperature never drops below 20 degrees, but it is advisable to wear a 5 to 7 mm wetsuit or a semidry suit to avoid any chance of becoming cold during dives (or if you want to make multiple dives).

In the summer, a 3 mm wetsuit is sufficient.

What to wear

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You do not need an umbrella…!

In the summer you do not need heavy garments unless you wish to spend the night in the desert mountains or somewhere far away from the sea. In the winter, we recommend that you bring along a jumper and/or a light weight jacket to protect yourself from the wind on the boat.
For all the other seasons a light weight jumper for emergencies will be more than sufficient.