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©2009 by Flavio Crivellaro
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©2009 by Flavio Crivellaro
©2009 by Flavio Crivellaro

Hard Corals (madreporaria)

Corals represent certainly the biggest attraction of the underwater world of Sharm el Sheikh, their diversity and explosion of colours convert the dive sites into a real paradise all year round for which Sharm el Sheikh has gained world wide reputation. Hard corals (Madreporaria) represent the structure on which the reef develops over time.

Soft Corals

Fan corals, soft corals, leather corals... the reefs of Sharm el Sheikh teem of life. Take your time to admire the transparency of an alcyonarian discover how the light is penetrating as if it was made out of glass. There are countless different species and some walls are literally covered by soft corals.

Molluscs and Echinoderms

Nudibranches, crinoids and sea stars are covering the whole barrier reef and their colourful appearance make them small jewels of nature.

Reef Fish

Colourful reef fish like anthias and fusiliers for instance give the coral reef a never ending vivacity the whole year over. Napoleon fish, soldierfish and butterflyfish are almost always present.

Pelagic Fish

The arrival of the bigger predators depends on the season, but you can encounter resident grey reef sharks, eagle rays and timid white tip reef sharks even in the winter. There are many different species of sharks, but with some luck