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©2009 by Flavio Crivellaro
©2009 by Flavio Crivellaro
Only Six Only Six
by Massimo Boyer

Check Dive

Safety and conservation of the coral reef belong to our top priorities, thus:
All divers dive first from our house reef to verify the following:

  • weights
  • air consumption
  • buoyancy control
  • diving skills

Only divers may be exempted from the first dive off the house reef if they have already dived with us or with other dive centres during the last six months. We kindly ask every diver to produce his log book. Dive Master and Instructors may be exempted on request, however, they will have to make at least one dive from the boat before being admitted to go to the wreck of the Thistlegorm.

Scuba Review

Divers with less than 10 logged dives and who have not dived for 2 years will make a scuba review (quick revision of theory, practical skills in the pool and an open water dive on the house reef). Every diver will regain his self confidence under the water. This course takes half a day.


Before engaging any scuba activity, every diver has to follow our internal regulations and sign the common reliability release for scuba diving. Every diver has to proof mastery of the following activities:

1) Good buoyancy control
2) Strict following of all National Park regulations

Dive buddies make a safety check before any dive and stick to the buddy system during all dives. The max. depth of 30 metres is not to be exceeded and decompression dives are forbidden. All dives are multi level dives, dive computers can be rented in the centre. The Divemaster chooses dive sites, dive profile, depth and duration. Our dives are limited to 60 minutes. At the end of each dive a safety stop of at least 3 minutes at 5 minutes is obligatory.

Preservation and Cancellation

Reservations are done at the dive centre's counter in person or by phone before 5 pm the previous day. Reservations can also be done through the dive master on board and are considered binding. Cancellations after 5 pm of the previous day of the activity will result in a cancellation fee.

Equipment Rental

Scuba divers are responsible for their rented equipment and will be held liable in case of damage or loss of diving equipment.
Personal equipment will be stored in diving bags of the diving centre and transported.
In case defective private equipment is replaced by our spare equipment on our boats, then this is considered equipment rental.


Settlement of the bill

The settlement of the bill is done directly with the diving centre until 4 pm before the day of departure. If you wish to pay by credit card: only VISA or MASTERCARD are accepted.