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Only Six Only Six Only Six Only Six Only Six Only Six
©2009 by Flavio Crivellaro
©2009 by Flavio Crivellaro

Padi Courses

Padi Courses | Only Six From the Bubblemaker to professional courses, we offer all levels of training.
Our comfortable class rooms have air condition and all necessary audiovisual media. Courses are run by our international staff members in their native language.
All PADI manuals translated into the requested languages are available: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and Arabic.
An international, professional staff that knows the waters of Sharm well make Only Six a notable diving centre in Sharm el Sheikh.


Only Six
by Massimo Boyer

The Egyptian law does not oblige you do to bring along a medical certification, it is enough to answer a medical questionnaire. In case of any doubt we refer you to the decompression chamber in Sharm where a check up costs around 35 Euros.

First Diving Experience

BubbleMaker | Only Six BUBBLEMAKER PADI offers a programme called 'Bubblemaker' for children from 8 years onwards: it contains some basic theory and a swimming pool lesson where kids become familiar with scuba diving equipment and some diving techniques. If they want to they can even go for a dive in the sea with an instructor to a max. depth of 2 metres.

DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING The programme 'Discover Scuba Diving' basically represents the first module of the PADI Open Water Course: one lesson in theory and swimming pool to learn basic diving skills as well as one dive in the sea under the guidance of an instructor to a max. depth of 12 metres.